surafel defar


I'm a software developer living in San Francisco Bay Area. I've been programming and playing with a lot of technologies since I was 15. I currently focus on JavaScript, React, Node.js and their ecosystem

I used to be an avid tennis player, I still play when I find the time. I like efficiency and minimalism, I always try to find new ways to gain more time by automating chores. If you like shaving a minute here and there, you might like my chrome extension. I have a BSc in Computer Science

2018-present Apple Senior Engineer

2016-2018 Fr8star Engineer

2016 Zagol co-founder

2014-2016 Tax Shield lead developer

2013 MyFinalResume lead developer and project architect

2012 #1airportshuttle software engineer


I provide complete end-to-end web development solution. From analysis of a problem to building, maintaining and supporting of a web application


Google Voice Mac app | Access Google Voice from the menu bar of your mac

Reading Time | A chrome extension that estimates reading time of a web page

You can reach me at